Privacy Policy

Fintra EPM is a consulting company that is strongly committed to preserving the security and privacy of its clients' information, and also fights to guarantee and preserve said right.


According to Articles 3 and 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law; any data, which is irrevocably anonymized, shall not be considered personal data, and the processing activities in respect of such data shall be carried out without being subject and without adherence to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.


Fintra EPM ensures the proper treatment of Personal Data and the confidential information of employees, customers and/or suppliers.


By entering their Personal Data, visitors and users of our website voluntarily express and grant their consent for Fintra EPM to use, store, archive, circulate, transfer or delete the Personal Data of the owners, as described in this Privacy Policy.


In compliance with legal requirements, Fintra EPM, as the controller and/or processor, established several simple and agile mechanisms that are always available to the owner, so that they can access their Personal Data and exercise their rights over it.


The owner can consult their personal data free of charge: i) at least once a year, and ii) whenever there are substantial modifications to this Policy that motivate new consultations.


In development of the principle of veracity and quality in the processing of Personal Data, Fintra EPM will process any request for updating, rectification or deletion that the owner has of their data, so you can contact us at the email address ahmet.korkmaz@fintarepm.com.


Fintra EPM mission for privacy protection

Fintra EPM only collects and receives personal information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors to our website.


A visitor may choose to provide this information to register for certain areas of the site, apply for a position, or download a business publication or brochure.


When a visitor provides us with this type of personal information, we use it solely for the purpose for which it was provided.


We recognize that personal information is valuable and we take all steps reasonably necessary, as required by law, to protect it from loss, tampering, unauthorized use or access while it is in our care.


In any case, the information will be kept confidential, unless its disclosure is required by court order and/or when there are well-founded reasons related to public security, national defense or public health.


However, in the event a visitor shares their information with us for employment or business recruitment or job search purposes; the personal information provided by him may be used by Fintra EPM personnel and/or by third parties hired for its administration and/or related to the personnel selection and hiring process, who will keep said information strictly confidential.



The Personal Data and any type of Confidential Information that Fintra EPM collects on the website may be shared with other members of the firm worldwide and with third-party clients of Fintra EPM who are recipients or interested in selection, search or labor or commercial contracting led by the Firm.


In any case, these data will not be supplied, shared, or delivered to third parties other than said members and third parties. On our page, we collect personal user information necessary to manage specific activities. Said collection can occur through a data message (email) sent by the visitor to an email from the Company or directly through our website in spaces specifically determined for the collection of information.


Among the priorities of our policy is to limit the collection of this information to the minimum required for each case and to avoid the excess of irrelevant information, as well as to avoid the use of Personal Data for activities of sending and receiving unsolicited mail.


In any case, if you disagree with the information requested on our page or with the use and treatment given to it, you can contact us at the email address ahmet.korkmaz@fintraepm.com.


If the information received at any time is shared with third parties other than members of the Fintra EPM or other than third-party clients of the company who are recipients or interested in selection processes led by Fintra EPM for job or commercial search or hiring; The consent and authorization of the person who has provided the information will be required before sharing any Personal Data with said third parties.


Our privacy policy establishes the provision of personal information of the owner to third parties under the following circumstances: 1) With the express authorization of the user, 2) As required by law or by any competent authority, 3) When required to send publications or materials requested by the visitor or user.


In any case, the holder accepts that by supplying his information he is giving his express consent to share his Personal Data with third parties in the previously detailed manner and to receive any type of information, publicity and announcements from members of the Fintra EPM network.



If after entering their information, the visitor wishes to make changes, updates, withdraw their Personal Data or does not wish to receive further emails or information from Fintra EPM, the visitor may submit their request to the email address ahmet.korkmaz@fintraepm.com for any of these purposes.


If you require updating, modification, changes, or deletion of the information provided in the RESUME, please contact the address ahmet.korkmaz@fintraepm.com.


In the most diligent way possible we will try to record any news communicated by users. However, Fintra EPM will not be responsible for the truthfulness, integrity or accuracy of the information provided by visitors and users.



It is possible that some pages of our website show the use of "cookies" (small text files) located on your hard drive that provide us with more detailed data about your visit to the Company's website; an example of this is the use of a "cookie" to store information in an area of ​​the site in such a way that a visitor or user does not need to re-enter the same area several times on each visit, the website will do it by itself.


If you have any questions or concerns about the use of "cookies", please note that your computer will allow you, in most cases, to avoid or suspend them. Even if you reject the use of these, you can continue accessing and browsing our website.


In order to properly administer and manage our website, we may anonymously introduce information into our operational systems and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and type of browsers.


These statistics and information can be entered into our Web masters. This allows us to guarantee that our website provides an optimal browsing experience for our visitors.



Our website presents links to sites of members of the Fintra EPM in other parts of the world and Strategic Business Partners outside of Turkey. In any case, if you leave the local network (Turkey) of Fintra EPM, the privacy policy described here will not be valid, therefore, we recommend that you read the privacy policy and the legal terms of each website you visit.


Fintra EPM is not responsible for visits or navigations made on other websites.



Fintra EPM understands the importance of protecting the Personal Data and Confidential Information of minors, especially in virtual environments such as the Internet. Our website is not directed or recommended for minors to enter it, nor do we intend to use, circulate, store or archive information of minors in any case.



Fintra EPM reserves the right to make changes, modifications and amendments to this policy at any time without prior notice. However, we will inform our users about any changes and they will be understood as effective and in force from the moment they are published on our website.